Vol 9 No 1 (2017)
Narratives and Poetry

Moving Poems

Lisa Schultz
Athabasca University, MAIS program student
Published January 9, 2017


It was a bit strange for me to think of my poetry as interdisciplinary, but it didn’t take much to realize just how much goes into writing a piece like this one. My poetry is sometimes storytelling, when it is narrative. My poetry is almost always descriptive. This series of “moving poems” is both. It explores a period in my life when my family was relocating from Northern to Southeastern Ontario. “Moving poems” also explore word usage, specifically the varied meanings, tenses and uses of the word “move” as a noun, an intransitive and transitive verb. These poems are also an exploration of an aspect of life that different people handle very differently depending on the situation. The writing of these poems “moved” me from an emotional struggle into a spiritual realization.