Vol 10 No 1 (2018)

Immigration and Multiculturalism: Intersections of race, identity, and immigration through a Jewish lens

Joanna Deborah Mirsky Wexler
Athabasca University
Published April 16, 2018


This paper explores immigration in a multicultural landscape as an intersection of diverse identities. In seeking to understand the multidimensional nature of the immigrant experience, integration upon arrival and acceptance from non-immigrant communities, the paper addresses some trends in Canadian Immigration policy with a focus on the Jewish immigrant experience, particularly those with multiple marginalizations. Race, gender, nationality, religiousity, and sexual identities impact one another in dynamic ways. A response to Will Kymlicka (2013) on Multiculturalism and immigration policies is discussed. Intersectionality Theory adds depth in examining a complex and multifaceted immigrant experience.