Ashley Bellwood

Ashley Bellwood is a graduate student in Philosophy and an artist that works with materials that others would deem “scraps.” Many of her pieces are inspired by found objects (ie. a book, a piece of string or a tattoo stencil found in the wind). She values simplicity that speaks through texture and feeling and has an ever-present curiosity and willingness to integrate new materials into her pieces. The differentiation of all types of objects and their origin is of great interest to Ashley––her pieces are often inspired by specific objects and grow from that center point.

Through the Veil (2019)

Mixed media. Paint and collage on canvas.

18” x 24”

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The Eye that Sees (2019)

Mixed media. Paint and collage on wood.

6” x 10”

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Introvert (2018)

Mixed media. Paint and collage on canvas.

12” x 16”

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About the collection:

This collection of pieces was deeply inspired by my own process of integration: beginning with the realization that there are more ways to look at and interact with the world. Through integrative and interdisciplinary studies, we are asked to develop our perspectives to utilise a broader range of knowledge and materials that we may be unfamiliar with. This new way of seeing and considering through integrative studies can easily grow into a new way of being.

These pieces were a way to alchemize and transform garbage and recycling (flyers, books, string) into something beautiful that results in curiosity or a questioning.

Mediums used:

In this collection, collage and paint are brought together to create a new way of looking at the relationship between “inside” and “out.” I was inspired by my continuous meeting of Others and felt a great need to portray that experience through art. While art has not been my first medium for expression, finding particular objects definitely helped to potentiate creative flow; for Introvert, a book; for The Eye that Sees, a piece of string; and for Through the Veil, a butterfly tattoo stencil.

Through the Veil

This piece first came as a vision while interacting with a friend. The colours were splendid and communication was wide open. It was as though I had completely flipped “inwards” and was observing only colours, shapes and feelings. It was quite beautiful, and it felt as though she had opened a veil and shown me the potential of colour, texture and feeling within reality. As she spoke, I realized that colour, texture and feeling are the art that really make up reality.

“When we begin to open the veils, we must do so with the gentleness of a butterfly’s wings” –– Friend that inspired this piece

The Eye that Sees

While attending a number of different therapies, I began to recognize the significance of the infinity symbol, and of the infinite itself. As: a consideration, a mode and a relational system. This struck me, and as I began to contemplate the infinite, it was as though the infinite began to contemplate through me, coming into my eyes and creating a continuous “buzz” of the symbol behind my pupils. With this piece, I find deep solace and gravity in the remembrance of my first nature––to be, simply, and forever.


As the first of the collection, this one came as a surprise. After a short stint with psychedelics, I gained awareness of the different modes of relation––most specifically, introversion and extroversion. I understood that these were simply modes, and that we were not necessarily made for one or the other, but many of us could swap between the two as though moving in and out of the water. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I began to explore my extroverted self, and developed a sort of oppositional balance to my former self. This piece represents the initial glance that opened up an entire Other within and without.