Vol 5 No 2 (2014)

JIS and Peer Review: A Co-Editorial Perspective

Heather Grace von Stackelberg
Athabasca University - MAIS alumna
Nicole Hill
Athabasca University - MAIS
Adrienne Munro
Athabasca University - MAIS
Bud Vases in Process
Published October 15, 2014


The Journal of Integrated Studies (JIS) is an online, peer-reviewed student journal sponsored by the Master of Arts—Integrated Studies (MAIS) program at Athabasca University. JIS provides opportunities for MAIS and other Athabasca University graduate students and recent alumni to learn about and participate in the peer-reviewed publishing process, by taking on roles as reviewers, editors, and proofreaders, for example. While MAIS and other Athabasca University students are strongly encouraged to submit their work, JIS also accepts submissions—articles, poetry, artwork, and other submissions with an interdisciplinary, integrated studies focus—from graduate-level students at other institutions. In September 2014, JIS’ three co-editors—Heather von Stackelberg, Nicole Hill, and Adrienne Munro—sat down to discuss the benefits of involvement with JIS and peer-reviewed publishing.