Vol 13 No 1 (2021)

Immigration and Racism in Canada

Erika Sanabria Medina
Athabasca University
Volume 13 Issue 1 Cover
Published April 27, 2021


Abstract: Immigration has been key to Canada becoming the country it is today. This essay focuses on racism and discrimination faced by immigrants that are considered, or consider themselves, visible minorities. Canada is indeed a beacon of multiculturalism and welcoming immigrants, as proven by their immigration policies and requirements. It is naïve to say that minorities and immigrants don’t face discrimination in this country. Even though Canada welcomes hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year (Statistics Canada, 2016) and even though there are anti racism and pro multiculturalism policies in place, most immigrants and citizens of colour experience racism while living in Canada. The racism used to be systematic and came from the government through racist and discriminative policies, but nowadays, with immigration focused on skilled labour, family members and refugees from war torn countries, the racism experienced by immigrants is covert and subtle. Racism against the immigrant might be subtle, but it is definitely still alive and well in Canada.