How to Submit

On this page (, you will need to register with a username and password. Click on “Go to registration” under the heading “Online Submissions." You will need to complete a “Profile” form. Be sure to select Author where it is asking you to “register as.” When you are finished filling out the form click on the “Register” button. Then you will get a screen that allows you to make a submission. However, because the process needs to ensure blind reviewing, make sure you have checked your file properties in the document in which you created your article/artwork. This is how you do that: For file properties, if you click on the "File" tab in your MS Word document, down the right-hand side of the page you should see a list of "properties," such as file size, date last modified, etc. This list also includes "Author name" and "Last modified by" -- either or both of these fields may show your name. If they do, you can "blind" your document like this: - Under "Prepare for Sharing" on that same tab, there is a button that says "Check for Issues"; click that button and choose "Inspect Document" - When the Document Inspector box opens, check "Document Properties and Personal Information," then click "Inspect" - If the Inspector finds anything, it gives you the option to "Remove All" (which you should do to remove your personally identifiable information) (These instructions may vary if you are using an older version of MS Word, or if you're using another type of document; if that is the case, try Googling "edit file properties" for whatever version you're using.) BACK TO SUBMITTING your work in OJS: Click on “New submission.” On the next screen you need to begin a 5 step process. Step 1 Under “Journal Section” select a section (e.g. “Art” if you want to submit artwork). Then you need to complete the Submission Checklist (Note for artwork submissions: The submission file must be in .jpg or .gif file form; instead of “abstract” the submission must include an artist’s statement; not all text formatting instructions will apply for artwork but check all boxes). Then, read and check the box under “Copyright Notice.” Click on “Save and continue.” Step 2 Follow the instructions for uploading the file. Be sure to click the “Upload” button once you have browsed and selected your file. After your file is done uploading click on “Save and continue.” Step 3 Next enter information about your submission. (For artwork enter the title of the work under “Title” and in the “Abstract” box enter an artist’s statement, including how the work is relevant to Integrated Studies, and also include a descriptive statement about the work including medium, size, and date. Click on “Save and continue.” Step 4 This is where you can upload additional files (e.g. for artwork, additional .jpg or .gif files of works). Once the files have uploaded click on “Save and continue” or if you are not uploading additional files, just click on “Save and continue.” If you have uploaded additional files you will get a screen asking you to include information about the files (e.g. for artwork, be sure to include the Title, and under “brief description” include medium, size, and date). Click on “Save and continue.” You will get a screen showing your additional file and you can add more additional files. Click on “Save and continue “again. Step 5 Confirming your Submission. Click on “Finish Submission.” Further information about submissions is available at this link You should read the Author Guidelines. If you have any difficulty with making a submission contact Reinekke Lengelle (, the Journal Coordinator for assistance. Click here to learn the process of how to submit an article in Open Journal Software (OJS). Please also see the specific guidelines for our journal in the announcement titled: Call for Papers and What to Submit