Vol 8 No 1 (2016)

Artist Statement

Micol Kates
Athabasca University
Published September 8, 2016


Interdisciplinary studies draws on the work of many different disciplines in order to more deeply understand, fundamentally, how a system works. To that end, my work as an artist engages in interdisciplinarity by exploring issues from a feminist, activist, and a Deep Ecology perspective. I am primarily interested natural landscapes — such as mountains, trees, bodies of water, the sky, and the beings we get to share the earth with. One of my passions, and a constant subject for me is the sky. I love to photograph and paint the sky when it’s moody, overcast and grey, or sultry, and filled with colour. I photograph landscapes the way I would also like to paint them, filled with emotion. I like trying to capture the feeling that a natural landscape subject, such as a mountain, a body of water, or a stunning sunset evokes, in contrast to only capturing that subject, but not the feeling of it.