Vol 11 No 1 (2019)

Healing from Intimate Partner Abuse Through Social Learning and Community

Camille MacRae
Athabasca University
Published June 13, 2019


This article focuses on the need for comprehensive and interdisciplinary based aid and support for those seeking help in dealing with and recovering from intimate partner abuse. While current models do their best to support individuals in need, there are still many gaps in services that can leave individuals who have experience intimate partner abuse vulnerable to negative personal, social and economic outcomes and cause varying degrees of revictimization and further harm. This article proposes that by focusing on community involvement, interdisciplinary collaboration and social learning we can begin to bring existing interventions and support models together to create a comprehensive and holistic approach to effectively deal with the effects of intimate partner abuse and end its devastating cyclical attack on mankind. Key words: intimate partner abuse, interdisciplinary models of healing, healing from abuse, community, empowerment,